Sonic Ulitmate Wiki
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Armadillo
  • Color: Black
  • Birthday: N/A
  • Birthplace: Isolated Island or Angel Island
  • Favourite color: Could be red or black
  • Favourite food: Unknown
  • Likes: Travelling, nature, Sonic, Ray, peace, forests, reading, tranquility
  • Dislikes: Violence, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic
  • Romance/Love Interests: honey the cat
  • Best friends: Sonic the Hedgehog and Ray the Flying Squirrel
  • Close friends: Miles Tails Prower, Cream the Rabbit,
  • Rivals: Dr. Eggman
  • Family/Relatives: Unnamed father (deceased) Unnamed mother (deceased) Matilda the Armadillo (possible sister)
  • Theme song: Unknown
  • First Appearance (game): SegaSonic the Hedgehog
  • Ability type: Power
  • Powers: strength

Profile info

Mighty was born planet-side in the Kingdom of Mercia. He has known Sonic, since his childhood, though after their first adventure together they didn't meet again for roughly six years. After spending much of his youth wandering, he was brought to the Floating Island by Knuckles and Vector. One of the original members of the Chaotix, Mighty has fought by their side in numerous battles. He followed the rest of the Chaotix and moved to Mobotroplis to aid in the war against Dr. Eggman during Sonic's absence in space. Following Angel Island's liberation of the Eggman Empire's control, Mighty travels back and forth between the island and Mobotropolis to fight with the Chaotix. In the course of this, he later embarked on an adventure to find his younger sister, the last remaining member of his family.

When Mighty was young, his parents were theivies, he and his younger sister were too young, to realize the actions of his parents were illegal. After his parents were subsequently sent to prison for their crimes, Mighty sought a method to free them. Mighty his tremendous strength. Even with his new powers, Mighty failed to rescuMighty is often held by stronger-than-average means to prevent him from escaping.

Mighty's powers can fluctuate depending on his health and emotions; when enraged, he's especially destructive. However, his strength has its limits.e his parents however, and imposed exile on himself.

is not particularity aggressive, though he enjoys physical activity and is willing to fight for a good cause, especially for the safety of the weak or small. He is extremely protective of his allies, often quick to shield them or ensure they're uninjured. He is so protective of Ray that when the squirrel is threatened Mighty falls into a terrible rage, as he sees Ray as somewhat innocent. His protective trait of his allies stems from the lingering guilt of his failure to find his parents and his previous abandonment of Ray, and this undoubtedly contributed to a desire to find his younger sister.