Sonic Ulitmate Wiki

Sonic the Hedgehog-Sonic is a mian character. He is a supersonic,cool, blue teenage hedgehog. He is loyal to his friends, keeps promies and dislikes tears. Sonic is fear of water which he cannot swim. He lighting up his feet and move faster than the speed of sound. He met Sasha after saving her from Eggman's forces, he had a later crush on her and secretly does not want to go on the date with Amy. Sonic is always revved up and ready for a run-in with his archenemy, Dr. Eggman. He is a co-leader of the freedom fighters with Sally Acorn. Sonic is having dates with others girls and Sasha except for Amy.

Miles Tails Prower-Tails is Sonic' sidekick and best friend. He helps Sonic in his many adventures and hangs around with him. He is loyal to the others. Tails is a fear of thunder and lighting. He rides on his X-tornado plane and helps Sonic to battle aganist Eggman. He falls in love with an anthropomorphic plant girl name Cosmo.

Knuckles the Echinda-Knuckles is a wild and tough echidna. He is stubborn and doesn't adapt easily. Once he and Sonic were rivals, but their differences have been resolved. He is often jealous of Sonic's free spirit. He is famous as a treasure hunter and a master of martial arts. His arms are so powerful that he can shatter rocks. When he gets tricked by Eggman and blames about Sonic and appears to his rivals. He can go back to his job of guarding the Master Emerald.

Amy Rose-Amy is Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend and her long-term goal is to get Sonic to notice her. She has gotten Sonic to go out with her, but he is always late. She gets mad at Sonic's impatience and aloof attitude, which occasionally are so bad that she is driven to violence. However, she does really care about him. Amy also has love daydreams about her and Sonic. She is a early rival of Sasha and the other girls which they wereinterest on Sonic. Her jealousey is controlling when Sonic is having a date with his new girlfriend Sasha. Cream the Rabbit-Cream is a young polite rabbit. She supports Sonic on his adventures for the Chaos Emeralds throughout the seasons. She takes care with her friend Cheese the chao. She loves picking flowers and giving them to people she likes such as her mother, and she also loves watching TV. She met Jasmine when she was walking to get some flowers for her mother. They become close friends.

Cosmo the Seedrain-Cosmo is a female child of a plant-like alien species whose homeworld was destroyed by the villainous Metarex. She is an ally of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, and it is widely accepted that her primary purpose in the series is that of a love interest for Tails, the two characters being of the same age and displaying an overt fondness for one another. In season 4, she being rebirth after her death, when she was a white seed. She joins with Sonic and co, to challenge with Eggman. She lives peacefully with her mother Earthia and her older sister Galaxia. But her father, Lucas was usually a metarex leader (known as dark oak). He was taken over the galaxy and stealing the planet eggs from the other planet. She was best friends of Cream and Amy.

Rouge the Bat-Rouge is a world famous treasure hunter. Her voluptuous and daring attitude turns any man's head. Her policy though is that duty comes first, but she has big interest in jewels. Her figure, speech and behavior masks her true identity. Rouge has a crush on Knuckles the Echidna, but refuses to admit it. Rouge the Bat is very secretive about everything, and very little has actually ever been disclosed about her. She declared war on Eggman after Chris was sent to Earth.

Tikal the Echinda-Tikal was a guardian of the Master Emerald until her father tried to take the seven Chaos Emeralds to defeat their enemies and injured her and several Chao. Chaos was enraged and killed her father, so Tikal traveled through time to stop Chaos. She came into the time where Chaos had taken all of the Emeralds and become Perfect Chaos. They gathered all seven Emeralds and restored their power, allowing Sonic to become Super Sonic. Tikal was surprised, as she thought the Chaos Emeralds' power could only be awakened by hate and anger until Tails and Knuckles explained that friendship is stronger than hate, allowing Sonic to beat Chaos. He regained his sanity and returned to Chaos 0. Tikal then took him home.